The Tarw Trail - Coed Y Brenin

Managed to get over to the new 'improved' Coed Y Brenin mountain bike centre with Ben at the weekend. Was pretty wet so asked in the little shop there ( way too little to be useful ) what was the best track. They pointed us in the direction of the new 'TARW' trail, which is basically the old Red Bull Route cleaned up and extended to give 20.2km of happy happy joy joy ( 460m of climb ). ( Tarw is Welsh for Bull )

If you can cope with some pretty killer uphill ( leave your 8" Freeride bike in the shed ) there is some awesome single track on this route. Leave out 'Al's Loop' at the top and make sure you are switched on for 'Pins and Needles'.

Best thing about this trail is that is doesn't hold too much water and has the downhill sections spread along the whole route ( the final 'R74' downhill is hard work with burnt out legs ). Could do with a bit more single track at the top instead of the boring fireroad, but I guess some people may like the rest!

Check out the centre here and click the image on the right to see the trail map

( Sorry no pictures, didn't take camera out
in the rain! )

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