Chain Mails - Break the Chain!

Got into another discussion today about chain mails and how they are the scourge of the internet. This time it was a mail based on some very loose journalism concerning the future of road tax. This text is featured on a plethora of blogs and forums ( so I will not be posting it here ).

For those Science Nerds out there, look at e-mails and forums as Richard Dawkins does...question everything!

The basic truth is if an e-mail asks you to 'send it on' or 'add your name to it' or even promises a freebie, it is nothing but chain mail spam. Ignore the heart wrenching or politically motivating topic, the sole purpose of a chain mail is to make the author feel powerful as their 'product' wings it's way around the internet.

There are no 'ifs' or 'buts', a chain mail is a chain mail. You are not being 'out of order' if you point this out to someone ( even if it is your boss! )

If you are in any doubt, take one bit of text from the e-mail or forum post and type it into google. It will come up as a chain mail somewhere ( I've been playing with the net since the days of gopher and so far I haven't been wrong on any mails I have highlighted! ).

My last bit of advice to you is this one:

If someone sends you a bit of chain mail, even if it is a lovely e-mail saying how much of a special friend you are and if you send it to 10 people a bunny will get a fresh bowl of lettuce leaves or some other rubbish...send them this link


This website has all the information you could possibly want. Check it!

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