Bowser and his Off-Road Vehicle...

Yep, we finally got around to actually buying a game for our Wii ( been a bit busy of late you see ). After doing rather well at Guitar Hero round my mate Big Tim's flat, I was very tempted in buying that. Then the Wii Fit came out and that looked like a good giggle ( if not a bit sensible ). Then of course there is the Big Brain Academy ( I don't think Brain Training is available on the Wii? ).

None of these stand a chance when sat next to the new Mario Kart game. Costing a lost less than Guitar Hero and Wii Fit, you get one controller with the game and another is only £5. Wack the disc in and I am transported back to all-night sessions at Uni on a battered N64. There is even the classic Rainbow Road track ( which I still can't do ).

Not had too much time on it yet, but already I am back to using Bowser ( he was my favourite on the N64 version as well, but did you know in Japan he is known as King Koopa?), but this time he has an off-road vehicle ( as well as the bikes which are a new feature on the Wii version ).

Just need to unlock all the tracks and secret characters now....( not having third-life crisis..honest! )

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