Snowdon Biking

Whilst 2 Billion people watched a toff marry a commoner, I headed up Snowdon with some mates and our push bikes and toasted the happy couple before picking lines down some very silly 'loose as a goose' trails.

Check out the pics here.


1) We did the Llanberis route up and Ranger/Telegraph Road back.

2) There is a lot of pushing up ( with only a little shoulder work ). It took 2hrs 40mins to summit ( definitely do it quicker if needed ).

3) There are some bits on the Ranger which need speed to clear ( and walkers on the trail mean that is sometimes not possible ).

4) We did it in sunny weather and it was very very loose in places ( foot out and drifty ).

5) If you own a Mountain Bike, you need to ride to this at least once.

6) Take spare inner tubes ( the hardtail in the group went through 3 )

7) The Telegraph road is superb singletrack, but you need to be able to clear rocks at speed to enjoy it properly ( great drainage gaps ).

8) The Summit of Snowdon is a horrible place...seriously don't think this is a place to hang out.

9) Eat Welsh Cakes, they are lovely.

10) There is a voluntary ban till the autumn... it's worth keeping to it!

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