Having kids keeps you fit. I've run, carried, caught, thrown and generally been beaten around the head by my two girls ( currently 4 and almost 2 ). However, I did notice when I competed recently in of of those silly Tough Mudder events that my upper body strength has dipped a wee bit since my glory days ( commonly known as your twenties ). So along with doing some more challenges this year ( including a marathon...errrr ), I'm going to get some of that form back.

First off I'm trying a set of these in 12kg flavour....

Possibly a little old school, but very much seen as a grown up bit of gym kit these days. Also quite a lot cheaper than gym membership ( and the converted playroom does have a road map on the floor which doubles as a good surface ).

Looking around the web there are loads of resources for exercises, but I have started on this one from Mens Health. I've also dropped in a couple of other exercises and used a number of youtube clips for form ( including this one from my mate Chris ). Going to try twice a week, with a run inbetween and see how it goes.

Time to get ripped...I think?

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