Broadbandsports 'v' YouTube

Since playing around with Youtube, I have been getting rather frustrated with the poor quality of the movies after uploading. It can take some time to upload things, but Broadbandsports seems to be a solid solution.

Check this effort out and compare it to the YouTube offering ( exactly the same file uploaded ).


My 3rd Skateboard...

This is my 3rd skateboard ( following a plastic Variflex and a Skull Skates board ). It is a Schimtt Stix 'Danger Hazardous Skater' deck with Thunder Trucks, Powell Street 95A wheels and lots of other cool kit ( including the classic Cellblock III ).I bought it from New Deal Skates in Wealdstone in around 1989 when I was about 12. I have had skateboards since this one, but this is the classic one which I bought in to work to illustrate my history in skateboarding.

Whether it was attempting to Ollie off curbs with my mate Tim P, or hanging around Harrow Skate Park every Saturday come rain or shine, this skateboard is my youth.

As I look forward to another chapter in my life, it is good to look back at the good times so we can appreciate what we have and who we have become.


The tooth mouse?

Vicky has just had a wisdom tooth removed, I wonder if a mouse will come to get it?