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Project Cruiser

Ok, I must be getting old as I now feel the need to dig out an old Skull Skates deck I have somewhere and do this....



Is that the question?

I was gutted when I realised that I had missed the Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam Twenty Film on BBC4 last week...but good old Virgin On-Demand came through and I sat down with a glass of Ribena and watched it in all it's glory last night.
It's hard to describe the emotions it captured. Back when Pearl Jam released Ten I really was in that weird place when you don't know who you are. There is no better illustration of this then being the first person in my school year to buy 'Nevermind' ( on tape ) on the same day I bought 'But Seriously'....yes I was that messed up.

There is certainly no denying that Eddie Vedder is one of the most talented musicians of our time. Seeing footage in the film of him singing 'Alive' after being with the band for only one week was inspiring. In recent years he has even made the Ukulele cool ( and who would have thought that is possible? ).
I am going to make sure I keep a copy of this movie so I can show my girls when they have grown up. It pretty much defines the mighty Grunge period from which I came. And before you start mocking, back when I was growing up only real tools liked the Smiths ( all your Hipsters just started liking them when someone with tight jeans on said it was cool to do so ). The Google generation listened to Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana. We wore bad fitting jumpers, baggy jeans and trainers, army rucksacks with band names written on in blank ink ( though to be fair my pencil case did say 'Clapton is God' in humble reference to the grafitti which covered the streets of London during his time with John Mayall ) and we took the headbanging and moshing of our Heavy Metal cousins to a new level.

It's true, I went to a fancy school and instead of having long hair, I had a side parting. But anyone who knew me in my school days would testify that I never did conform. Under that itchy blazer I wore this t-shirt ( sorry girls if you are reading this when you are older...those are indeed rude words ).

But back to the film. If you are sitting there typing on your Mac or listening to music stream through Spotify, remember the generation which was vilified by the oldies for being miserable and underachievers, then look around you. We made this. ( yes we are arrogant too ).

Oh and whilst it wasn't in the film, this is the track which defined Pearl Jam for me...in my humble opinion, one of the greatest performances of the decade.

Off to sort out my iPod playlist for the drive home.....


Crazy Image Time

Crazy Images time from Tim Sadler on Vimeo.

Just playing with it at the moment.....needs some tweaking!


I need a new helmet...

Randomly the pics of my trusty Giro Remedy are some of my most popular on my Flickr photostream ( if you are interested the shots are here ), but the lid itself is showing some serious signs of needing replacement. I've tried on various occasions to smarten it up with some serious sticker usage, but not really been happy with it.

Now being an archetypal nerd I have always wanted a kick ass Star Wars helmet...which is why I am really rather interested in this lid.. ( via highsnobiety

Ok, it does look like it is a sprogs helmet ( annoyingly it looks like the whole mash-up is all kids stuff ), but it is the way forward.

So come on Giro, make me a Remedy like this please...
 Or shall I give an old kayaking contact a call...... ( yes Mr Ainsworth made the original )


All about the QR Codes....

Maybe I am a little late to the game, but playing with QR codes today, they do seem like a lot of fun. Now to get to grips with augmented reality.....


Everest in the Lakes?

Ok, so reading about walking the Bob Graham Round in Trail Magazine it got me thinking of a wee little challenge for next year...

Now the 'Round' is the equivalent of 42 hills, 72 miles and 27,000ft of ascent ( I might have to check that on some map software? ). Little old Everest ( location of my greatest ever outdoor toilet moment in 1996 ) is a smidgen over 29,000ft. So if I add in a couple more peaks, this 5 day stroll ( 4 nights ) would be the equivalent of climbing the tallest mountain in the world ( and that is from sea level, not high up a glacier in the Himalayas! ).

Been a while since I have stretched the legs for a few days out, so I think I fancy this quite a lot.

Now who is with me?


After the Danger Panda...

After my first attempt at a Danger Panda ...

I didn't know what to do next....

Now I do!



Watch these two videos, then walk into your garage/shed/corridor and look at your bike, then spend at least 5 minutes questioning the meaning of it all.

Then go ride your bike and work it out for yourself.


Another SF Trip...

Another trip, different camera this time ( a Sony HX9V )
Wanted to capture SF in a more candid style.....
Click here or image for the gallery.


Industrial Revolutions - Concrete Circus

All round top film guy Stu Thomson got some face time on C4 last night. Stepping aside from the awesomeness of the film ( no cheap cutaways or tedious slow motions sections ), Stu is a bloody nice bloke who really does believe in what he and his company MTBcut / Cut Media puts out.

Check out the movie 'Industrial Revolutions' featuring the legend Danny Macaskill here:

Click MTBcut and Click Media.



You'll thank me for sharing these...

....how can you not be inspired?


Camping with the Sproglets

Back from another crazy little camping trip down to the Forest of Dean with the Sproglets. Randomly we were actually staying at Doward Park which for those of you who learnt to kayak with H.A.W.K.S. is the campsite at the top of the Biblins track. It's a great little campsite hidden in the forest. Not that many pitches, a relaxed atmosphere and an awesome tyre swing!

Anyway, here are 5 shots to sum up the trip ( also submitted to my 365 project )

Strike Camp - This seasons colour is obviously blue.
Keep Falling - Yes it rained every day. ( but this is England/Wales? )
Forever Blowing - Immy got a bubble machine. It was great!
Faster - This tyre swing went big, really big.
Burns - An old friend came out of the woodwork and made us feel welcome in his manor.
Photosynthesis - Green fields are better than carpeted offices.
We are now planning our next trips, hopefully get away a couple more times this summer at least. So if you know us and want to get away, drop me an email and we can carve somes dates in the diary!

Check out the rest of the Gallery of shots here ( or click the image above )


Bikes + Boards + NZ = Roadtrip

Inspired NZ roadtrip on bikes with some skating thrown in for good measure.

As a side note I hung out with Silas Baxter Neil and Rick McCrank on an éS Tour many years ago and I have to say they were probably the nicest pro skaters I ever met.

All five episodes here:

Riding the Long White Cloud Part 1 from predatory bird on Vimeo.

Riding the Long White Cloud part 2 from predatory bird on Vimeo.

Riding the Long White Cloud part 3 from predatory bird on Vimeo.

Riding the Long White Cloud part 4 from predatory bird on Vimeo.

Riding the Long White Cloud part 5 from predatory bird on Vimeo.


Let's get shooting?

But what about the battery grip? ( how will people know I am a Pro? )


Snowdon - the Headcam stuff

Ok, not as exciting to watch as it was to ride. Next time we are going to be doing it earlier ( to miss the crowds ) and faster ( to clear the rocks ).

Click here or the image above to watch it.

p.s. also trying out Vimeo for the first time...



Ride a bike son..

ok I have two girls...and they are going to kick ass on their bikes!


Snowdon Biking

Whilst 2 Billion people watched a toff marry a commoner, I headed up Snowdon with some mates and our push bikes and toasted the happy couple before picking lines down some very silly 'loose as a goose' trails.

Check out the pics here.


1) We did the Llanberis route up and Ranger/Telegraph Road back.

2) There is a lot of pushing up ( with only a little shoulder work ). It took 2hrs 40mins to summit ( definitely do it quicker if needed ).

3) There are some bits on the Ranger which need speed to clear ( and walkers on the trail mean that is sometimes not possible ).

4) We did it in sunny weather and it was very very loose in places ( foot out and drifty ).

5) If you own a Mountain Bike, you need to ride to this at least once.

6) Take spare inner tubes ( the hardtail in the group went through 3 )

7) The Telegraph road is superb singletrack, but you need to be able to clear rocks at speed to enjoy it properly ( great drainage gaps ).

8) The Summit of Snowdon is a horrible place...seriously don't think this is a place to hang out.

9) Eat Welsh Cakes, they are lovely.

10) There is a voluntary ban till the autumn... it's worth keeping to it!


Style Cop - Dusty April Images

Super quick before work edit of some shots from last night at Style Cop with Ben and Darren. So don't be too surprised if you see some more images slightly tweaked in the coming weeks.

Click the image above or click here to see the album.

For more info on Style Cop click here.


Jinx - The Robot I Always Wanted

On this anniversary of Yuri Gargarin checking out of our atmosphere and floating around a bit before coming back for some more Vodka, I randomly remembered one of the most awesome robots in Movie history.

Yes, Jinx was the NASA robot which, instead of going mental crazy and attempting to blow up the world with a game of Tic-Tac-To , 'arranged' for a bunch of squeaky clean politically correct Yankees to take a ride into space with Mrs Speilberg.

I've never really wanted to be an astronaut ( blue jumpsuits are so 1986 ), but I've always wanted a kick ass robot.

The closest I got was a Tomy Dingbot...


Privateer Geoff Waugh Signature Model

This last week I've mostly been working at the highlight of the UK Photography Calendar Focus on Imaging . Along with talking shop with lots of nice camera type folk, it's a good place to catch up with legends like the young Mr Geoff Waugh who I have the pleasure to say I 'work with' ( rather than follow around like a scary stalker ).

I'm sure it was just a ploy to get me to send him over some of the new camera kit I've been playing with, but I was rather stoked when he handed over a copy of the new Orange Bikes 2011 brochure ( which actually has a picture of me in it ). Nice cover boys!

But this was not the end of gifts....he handed over a copy of the 2nd issue of the kick ass Privateer Mountain Bike magazine ( which features shots he took of the Orange Factory ). Naturally the geek side took over and he kindly signed it for me.

What a guy!

Follow the style guru himself on Twitter @thewarhead

And follow the nice chaps at Orange @orangefactory


No time to blog...

New site design coming soon!

And the #365 is coming along nicely thank you very much.


New logo?

Just hoping it isn't too close to these guys?


Still Got The Blues

RIP Gary Moore - listening to his tracks made me pick up a guitar and thrash it out. I even remember playing this live track on VHS at school to try and explain the fusion between rock and blues ( the point at which he switches pickups ).

Do yourself a favour and buy some of his tracks now. You'll thank me.


Baking Day

Clickety Click the pic above for the Album

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


Simply the best US export.

Step aside Lady Gargh Gargh, take a walk Bouncy....this is the best thing you guys have exported...errr...period! :-)