The Bag Man

Not quite the title I thought I would end up with at this stage of my career, but a rather nice article in the latest Wideopen.com magazine.

Click Here and go to Page 115.

Rather chuffed with it would be an understatement.

Oh and here are some links to the people I big up:

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Geoff Waugh
Grant Robinson
Sim Mainey



Your first rainbow..?

I was working stuck at an event over the weekend and walking back to the car park I managed to get my first ever shot of a rainbow. Nothing special I know, but then I realised I don't think my little 3 year old has seen a proper rainbow yet. Why? Well living in built up Cheshire and being knee high, you simply don't get to see much of the world around us. Everything is in your face, the wider world is hidden, sanitised by the modern world. Why would you want to see the outdoors when you can see it on-line? Why would you want to smell the blossom when you can plug it into the mains?

80 years ago today, some Northern chaps kicked up a fuss in the Peak District which 'paved the way' ( I should be shot for that one ) for all of us to get out there and see rainbows.

Don't waste it.