The Sadler Messenger Bag - Designed and Made by Emma Cornes

I've taken on many roles in my time. I've been a sales person, an IT nerd, an e-commerce pioneer (cough), a teacher, a marketeer to name but a few. At the moment I guess you could say I am a bag man ( if there is any doubt Wideopen Magazine did on P115 of issue 18 ). Of course that isn't strictly what I do, but it makes it easy to understand what keeps me off the streets and the mortgage being paid.

With this experience I'm pretty confident in saying that I have influenced quite a few designs in my time, a kayak here, an advertising campaign there, a backpack or two of course, though I would never be so bold as to claim I am a designer. I have however had long protracted 'discussions' about nomenclature, and being a little too opinionated when it comes to the topic, I like to win those battles ( I still claim ownership of the Pyranha Burn name as well as plenty of others in the current line up ).

All that said, I am sitting here with an awesome bag designed and made by Emma Cornes called 'The Sadler'. And yes that would be my surname and yes I feel completely humbled by the whole experience.

The Sadler Messenger Bag - Made by Emma Cornes
I can't remember how the process started. I am sure that there was always a plan to add a Messenger style bag to the collection, but knowing a little bit about bag design I threw a few ideas in the pot, ( hoping not to offend of course ), but generally kept nudging each time a new blog post came out about how the project was developing.

The Sadler Messenger in it's Natural Environment
Next thing I know Emma say's that she likes to name her designs after people she knows ( there are already 'Elizabeth', 'Helen', 'Kirsty' and 'Nicola' designs ) and drops the bomb that it will be called 'The Sadler'. I suppose I have become immune to my name, but hinting at leather products it does have an agreeable ring to it when applied to a bag ( though still makes me feel a wee bit uncomfortable ).

Scottish Woven - Cheshire Made - The Sadler Messenger Bag

It's fair to say that Emma is relatively new to this cut & sew game, but picking up this bag you would think that she had been busy working at these designs for years. The finish it on par with the highest quality bags you will find in that there London Town and using true Scottish Tweed this has a feel that evokes Rannoch Moor or the Callanish Stones.

The Sadler Messenger Bag - Plenty of Space.
I've used lots of Messenger bags in my years and fit is a funny thing. You don't want it too large so you overload it and can't find anything, but equally you don't want to be left wanting more room. Size wise this bag is spot on for everyday use ( blokes don't have weekend bags do they? ). I can get my Ultrabook ( or iPad ), Compact Camera in Lowepro pouch, Joby Gorillapod, Sunglasses, magazine, passport, pens and all the associated cables and still have got some space to play with.

Other features include leather straps with metal buckles and a reinforced waxed cotton base.

Not sure what else I can say about this bag. It's like a Barbour Jacket or pair of Hunter Wellingtons. Not cheap, but you know you are getting something that if looked after will last a lifetime and be equally at home in the office or trudging into the Clachaig Inn.

It is worth noting that along with the Sadler, there is now also the 'Fairweather' iPad sleeve ( which I am guessing is named after the legendary Kayaker David Fairweather ). You can also get some of the first-off-the-sewing-machine bags direct from Emma here.

The only thing left to say is check out Emma's website here and if you see her at one of the craft fairs she is hitting up this year, say hello!

More pictures of the Sadler Messenger are on my Flickr Page ( I'll be adding some more soon ).

The Sadler Messenger Bag - Made by Emma Cornes
I should add a footnote at the bottom here apologising to Emma's lesser half Pete, as my grammar and punctuation of late has been truly horrendous ( and Pete is one of the greatest wordsmiths I know ). I promise to do better much like I have done before like.


I have never...

.....fitted a mudguard.

Ok, back in the day I might have fitted one of the original Crud Catchers ( who didn't? ) but certainly since owning grown up Mountain Bikes, I've chosen to keep my bike free of such madness.

That is until I got the Ariel 143. It's such a good looking girl that it deserves a little bit of protection doesn't it?

So yesterday before 24km of greasy fun around Cannock Chase ( Style Cop - Follow the Dog - Monkey Trail ), I fitted a Muckynutz Bender Fender to the Fox 32's.

To quote their text; "...the mudguard is installed so close to the 'knobbly bits' means it can be small and discrete, which is a big plus for those that don't like using them, and as it is less than 1mm thick it adds negligible weight to your bike."

Naturally I got a white one ( got to keep the Factory look going ) and you know what? I'm only a flippin' convert!

Bender Fender on Ariel 143 - Tim Sadler
The question is will I ever take if off?