Stile Cop Downhill Headcam Footage

Ok it has been a fair while since I wacked up and good headcam footage, sorry about that! Not to worry though I now have a new memory card ( killed a cheap one at Moelfre Downhill Uplift ) and I even have a mount for my XC lid. So you should start to see a bit more from the Vholdr cam this year ( trying to currently work out how to mount it on the bike for some of those arty shots ).

For a quick test of the new memory card I got this footage from Stile Cop Downhill trails on a very hot evening this past week ( 27 degrees + no wind + body armour = nasty smells ). Just click here or the above image to check it out ( and for the music references you must have owned a PS1 with Gran Turismo in the 90's! ). For those of you who know the trails, you will notice I am taking the easier lines, but in my defence I am still fettling with the bike set-up and I was on my own! Anyway on the movie you will see the Red Route, Black Route and the Wonderland and Ridge Lines from 'The Dark Side'.

If you haven't ridden at Stile Cop, it is part of Cannock Chase in the sunny Midlands, easy to get to from the M6 and can be combined with a jaunt around 'Follow the Dog'.

Worth taking a bouncy bike and padding up though!

Full review/guide of the Vholdr and new Commencal MiniDH to come...


1st Fathers Day..

Imogen Rocks!

She will probably buy me more stuff like this from Twisted Twee when she gets older.