Baking Day

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What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


Simply the best US export.

Step aside Lady Gargh Gargh, take a walk Bouncy....this is the best thing you guys have exported...errr...period! :-)


The 365....

I've been talking about it for a while and know plenty of photographers who have done more than one year, but now it is my turn to take on a 365 challenge.

Nothing really complicated about it. I just have to take a picture on some sort of device ( DSLR, Compact, Phone, Lomo, Webcam? ) every day for a year!

Some shooters opt for Self Portraits ( or 'SPs' ), and yes I am going to do a few, but it is going to be more of what I see than how I am seen ( if that makes sense? ). Apologies in advance if I am a bit random and no doubt I will have to play catch up when I can't get online, but my aim is to stay true to the concept.

Why? Well today is 1/1/11 and whilst I'm not a fan of resolutions based on a calendar created by a Pope bloke called Greg, It did seem like a sensible time to take it on. And it already looks like it is going to be an 'interesting' year....

So here is the opening shot...

1 - { And so it begins }

You can follow my progess on here as well as on Flickr ( add me as a contact if you want ).

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