Great Challenges for 2014

Truth be told, it is a pretty weak title for a blog post. Reads like one of those 'great places to stay' sites which very rarely have any great places to stay. But the reason I am using it as the first three races/events/challenges I have signed up to for 2014 are all under the 'Great' banner.

So first off I am doing the Great Manchester Run in May again. I did it in the blazing sun last year and really enjoyed it. It's only 10km, but kicks off the season quite nicely. Also, now I know the course I should be able to kick a little earlier and bring the time down a wee bit ( still trying to work out if I prefer longer or shorter distances and it will be a good test of my knees post Marathon ).


Still on my feet, but this time back in the mud for the Great Trail Challenge up in the Lake District. Not done this before, but after racing a train in Wales last year I though I would drop in something equally as silly this year. Throw in a spot of lakeside camping and it should be a good weekend. I should say I am entering the longer 22km event, why bother with the shorter one?


Now back in the saddle and some #ride4MB time again. This time it is the very popular Great Cycle event which powers along through Manchester at the back end of June. It's a bit more Towny than I prefer on two wheels, but ragging along the ring road does look like a lot of fun.


So nothing too extreme this time around, but need some more two wheeled action ( will try and get some more Enduro events in there ) and I need something silly in the back end of the year. I've been considering the 'Man v Mountain' event, but open to all suggestions!

Suppose I should do some training...