Our First Anniversary - Cledan Valley Tipi

Our Anniversary Tipi at Cledan Valley
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It's mad to think that we have been married a year. Is it really 12 months ago that we had the sun shining at Bramhall Hall? 12 months since we had all our friends drinking champagne at Manchester Art Gallery? Crazy how quick time goes when you are having fun!

Anyway, to celebrate our 1st Anniversary we booked two nights sleeping in a Tipi at Cledan Valley ( http://www.cledanvalleytipi.co.uk/ ). The weather didn't look favourable all week ( so different from the sunshine we were lucky to have on our wedding day ), but being hearty souls we packed our thermals and down jackets and headed into deepest darkest Wales.

The lookout from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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Unfortunately with the constant rain our little 'Honeymoon' tipi by the river was a little too damp to be comfortable ( yes, even with all our kit! ), but fortunately there was another larger Tipi ( 6 person, woohoo! ) which was fitted with an 'Ozan' ( I hadn't heard of one either ). Basically an Ozan is a type of half inner tent ( there is a gap for the smoke from the fire to go up to the top of the tipi. If you keep all your stuff under the Ozan ( not hard in a 6 person tipi ), then you stay dry in pretty much any conditions.

Smug marrieds in our Tipi at Cledan Valley
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The rain stayed with us during our day at the Centre for Alternative Technology, but is was an awe inspiring place ( if not a bit of a guilt trip, which made us really think ). We also managed to get a lovely meal in at the award winning recommend 'Talkhouse' restaurant ( http://www.talkhouse.co.uk/ ).

The rain calmed on Saturday evening, but was replaced by gusts of wind which you could hear build up miles away down the valley. Like huge old school locomotives they hit the tipi all night, but it stood strong and tall, a testament to it's design.

The Roaring firebowl which kept us warm
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Would we stay in a Tipi again? YES! ( but if the weather was looking bad, we would make sure it had an Ozan fitted ).

One year down, one anniversary done....70 odd to go...bring them on!


Ingleton Waterfalls Walk and White Scar Caves

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Easter was really early this year...really early. Looking at the weather charts the original plan of going up to the Lakes was dropped ( good move as people were rescued off Scafell in Blizzards ), so we took Mother-in-Law Sadler up for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

Having already done our homework we headed up to Ingleton to do the famous Waterfall route. It was cracking! A good couple of hours out, 2 blizzards, lots of waterfalls and some lovely Lemon Drizzle cake ( courtesy of Vicky's fair hand ).

We followed it up with a walk down the longest show cave in the UK...White Scar Caves. A constant 8 degrees and plenty of weird and wonderful underground stuff. Not a trip for fat Americans or the clostrophobic!

If that wasn't enough we popped into Kirkby Lonsdale for a wander and then ate at the awesome 'Highwayman' Inn... Definately a place we will be returning to.

Easter Sunday morning came around with a blanket of snow, so it was off down the M6 to Stapley Water Gardens. Not a bad place for a bad weather trip, but it is no Chester Zoo or South African Nature Reserve ( and the actual gardens are pants ).

Off to stay in a Tipi next weekend for the Wedding Anniversary...can't wait!

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We have a Wii...

Nope, not a collective trip to the toilet...we have in fact joined the zillions of people around the world who have turned their living room into a tennis court, bowling alley, golf course come baseball stadium....we have a Wii!

Not much to say on it so far....but I am worried that we might caused some damage to our newly decorated house. Just check this out: Wii Damage

However, look what the controllers come with out of the box!? Take one classic Japanese design and add a crappy silicon cover to keep the HSE happy. Ah well, just need to find Guitar Hero cheap now...