Sadler's Ales

Look what Vicky found...

Monthly Special Brews

...It seems that the good old family name is associated with a brewing tradition in the Midlands.

Permanent Brews

The story goes that it all started in 1900 when a Thomas Alexander Sadler opened the first brewery to supply the 12 pubs run by the Sadler family at that time ( 12!? ). Not sure what happened as it would seem that his venture was only open for 27 years. Fortunately 77 years later ( in 2004 ) the Sadler family re-opened the pub it was originally associated with and brewing started once again.

I'm looking forward to tracking down some 'Worcester Sorcerer'. Described as a "light golden bitter, light and refreshing, yet smooth and fruity with hints of mint and lemon. A floral aroma and crisp bitterness combining to give a balanced and clean tasting ale."

Original bottle labels

I'll be placing an order and reporting back, I just hope it stacks up against the family favourite Black Sheep Ale !

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NB: As far as I know we are not related....


The South Wales Mountain Biking Triple Crown

Mud was the order of the day

Just back from an awesome road trip to South Wales with Darren, Mark, Matt, Nik and Guest star Ben.

Taking in the 'Triple Crown' of South Wales Mountain biking, we kicked off with an uplift day run by Cwmdown on the Cwmcarn Y Mynydd Downhill course. Battling with the rather tricky wet and muddy conditions, the first damage was done to Ben's brake lever, but this was soon followed on the next run when Darren decided to become a tree hugger and in the process ripped out his brake hose, twisted his handlebars round and give himself an impressive bruise. Mark then decided to go one better and show off his combat roll bending his forks and buckling his wheel in the process. There were other spills and some hero moves on show, but all in all this is a definate must for any biker!

After a night drinking the local ale at Glyncorrwig Rugby club we had a leisurely start as we waited for the bike shop to open ( for repairs ) and the cafe to get the brews on. Five healthy breakfasts later we headed out on Whites Level trail ( which starts right next to the campsite ). Unfortunately Mark was a little battered from his combat roll and headed off to the local hospital to get an x-ray, so it was down to 4 of us to do ourselves proud. On some of the best singletrack in the world we held our own, even when it got tight and testing. The sun also started to win the battle against the rain which given that it is July was rather nice.

Glyncorrwig Valley seen from the Whites Level Trail

Meeting Mark back at the campsite ( he hadn't broken his wrist, just a little sprain ), we decided not to head out on the bikes again ( muscles were a little sore at this point ) and instead cleaned down the bikes and cracked open the beers and run around trying to keep away from the midges.
Glyncorrwig Campsite

Saturday morning was a little drier and we broke the camp down before filling our bellies with another healthy breakfast at the famous Dropoff cafe. A short drive back down the road is the Afan Forest centre and home of the famous 'Wall' trail. This turned out to be a very long fireroad ascent followed by a rather tasty continuous downhill trail back to the centre. It was a little bit of a let down after the constant hits of the White Level trail, but still a classic run nonetheless. I would have probably enjoyed it more if my forks hadn't lost all their travel ( 160mm forks running at 20mm doesn't really help the shoulders on a rocky descent ), but these things happen.

The tally of broken parts over the three days for the crew were as follows:
  • 2 bent brake levers
  • 1 ripped brake hose
  • 1 pair of bent forks
  • 1 pair of forks with internal failure
  • 1 buckled wheel
  • 3 punctures ( all Darren's )
  • 2 warped discs
  • 1 trip to Hospital
So all in all a classic 3 days biking with a solid crew of holligans!

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There is a word for it....

...and that word is Awesome!

Used this picture in some presentations I've been giving at work and it certainly had the desired effect.

"For those of you about to Rock, may the Force be with you!"


Vholdr Test

Managed to get the Vholdr fitted to my Giro Remedy helmet with a little bit of clever sticky foam trickery ( all those years outfitting kayaks must have done me proud ).

Here is the first test: click here

Up a bit, round to the left a bit??


Vholdr - Headcam from Heaven?

Watch out trail monkeys, I've just got my grubby mitts on a Vholdr Headcam to play with for a little while.

Check out the killer spec and results you can get here

I'm going to be mounting this bad boy to my DH helmet this weekend, just in time for a trip next week to Cwm Carn and an Uplift day

And if you want to buy one, hit up the main crew at Madison here

As the cliché goes...'Watch this space!'