Privateer Geoff Waugh Signature Model

This last week I've mostly been working at the highlight of the UK Photography Calendar Focus on Imaging . Along with talking shop with lots of nice camera type folk, it's a good place to catch up with legends like the young Mr Geoff Waugh who I have the pleasure to say I 'work with' ( rather than follow around like a scary stalker ).

I'm sure it was just a ploy to get me to send him over some of the new camera kit I've been playing with, but I was rather stoked when he handed over a copy of the new Orange Bikes 2011 brochure ( which actually has a picture of me in it ). Nice cover boys!

But this was not the end of gifts....he handed over a copy of the 2nd issue of the kick ass Privateer Mountain Bike magazine ( which features shots he took of the Orange Factory ). Naturally the geek side took over and he kindly signed it for me.

What a guy!

Follow the style guru himself on Twitter @thewarhead

And follow the nice chaps at Orange @orangefactory