Badge of Honour

It's that time of year when the wind has changed direction and along with the rain there is an icey wind blowing. That of course means the trusty Down Jacket comes out of the closet has a bit of an airing and then gets thoroughly abused until the Spring comes. I've had this beauty since sometime in the late Nineties when I bought it on a Staff Deal directly from the Carringtons ( it was actually Sue I dealt with, wife of Rab Carrington ). It's a 'Kinder Guide' which means it has the re-inforced shoulders for carrying a pack and a better face fabric. Not sure if tney still make this model ( The company was sold a while back and I don't think it is family owned anymore ), not that I would replace it.

I've always seen a well used Down jacket as a Badge of Honour for those who enjoy the Outdoors. These are not the dreaded 'Puffa Jackets' full of nasty polyester, these are technical bits of kit which will serve you well for years. So if you have a Rab, North Face ( like the Missus ), Mountain Equipment, Mountain Hardware, or Patagonia ( like the nipper! ) get them out of the cupboard and use them with pride!

It's a pity that Immy's jacket won't last as long as mine ( she may have grown out of it by next Winter )


The Best Frett-fiddling Concert Ever?

I remember having this on video and watching it on full blast in the early nineties...has there ever been a better line up of fret-fiddlers?? Watch it ( and ignore the bit with 'More than words'... ) and turn it up to 11.