Playing the sheep....

Ok, I admit I was one of those who laughed at the early adopters to the iPad. However, here I am on a train from London back to Stockport able to check work emails, Twitter and FB, as well as writing a blog post ( granted blogger isn't working properly in Safari, but you can't have everything ).

Will I buy one? Probably no.

Will I try to blag the work one for every work trip? That would be a yes!


Retort - Buy the T-shirt ( chapter 2 )

As a comic retort to my previous post, inspired by Father Ted ( thanks Burts )
I'm bored of this now...


Aggressive Atheist - Buy the T-Shirt

In response to some jumped up story teller bloke in a dress...

Buy the t-shirt, badge, sticker, bag, mug...err and loads of other random crap here.

P.S. I don't expect anyone to actually buy these bits of tat, it is actually a really clever political statement? ( well it made me giggle and who reads this anyway? )