OK, it's taken me a while to get with the whole Instagram thing ( blame Blackberry for that ), but you will be glad to know I am on it now...

So follow me and watch the vignette...


Bulgarian Bags and the Sufferfest my New Winter Training Partners

My gym has recently changed hands so along with better music and instructors who seem to have a better idea of what they are doing, they have some cheeky new kit. Hidden in a corner, near the kettlebells, but destined to be forgotten about were a set of these 'Bulgarian Bags'.

Nope, I had never seen them either!

Bit of a Youtube search and they start looking pretty special...

And so begins a winter of getting very close to these guys. ( though it does get boring with all the gym monkeys watching all the time as I throw them around ).

Next up is something for home. With a summer of biking behind me ( though still some Sportives planned including the Ride for Michael one in Penrith this weekend ), I've sold my soul to lycra and will be spending time sweating it up in the garage on a turbo trainer, following the crazy Sufferfest programe.


Here is to a Winter of feeling the burn...