Camping with the Sproglets

Back from another crazy little camping trip down to the Forest of Dean with the Sproglets. Randomly we were actually staying at Doward Park which for those of you who learnt to kayak with H.A.W.K.S. is the campsite at the top of the Biblins track. It's a great little campsite hidden in the forest. Not that many pitches, a relaxed atmosphere and an awesome tyre swing!

Anyway, here are 5 shots to sum up the trip ( also submitted to my 365 project )

Strike Camp - This seasons colour is obviously blue.
Keep Falling - Yes it rained every day. ( but this is England/Wales? )
Forever Blowing - Immy got a bubble machine. It was great!
Faster - This tyre swing went big, really big.
Burns - An old friend came out of the woodwork and made us feel welcome in his manor.
Photosynthesis - Green fields are better than carpeted offices.
We are now planning our next trips, hopefully get away a couple more times this summer at least. So if you know us and want to get away, drop me an email and we can carve somes dates in the diary!

Check out the rest of the Gallery of shots here ( or click the image above )