The Mandalorian Suprise

So under that Helmet, Bobba Fett wasn't that much of a badass after all...

More behind the scenes shots here.


Knots are Awesome

I have been brewing this for a couple of days. Earlier this week ( on a no-news day ) the Scout Association made comments about ditching the teaching of knots ( "But the reality is what's important now is their ability to do youth work – not climb mountains or do knots" from the Telegraph here).

Now I am a knot fan, I love the things, from a bowline to a round turn and two half hitches and back to my personal favourite a sheepshank. The simplicity of being able to secure two ( or more ) things together is simply good for the soul. It is as fundamental to humankind as gathering food and finding water.

And you will be surprised how many times you need a good knot, from tying back curtains to securing a roof rack, they are really useful in everyday life.

So why is the Scout Association giving them up? Well if you believe the reports it is to focus on such delightful things as PR and IT skills.


Dear Scouts, you were born in the woods, don't forget that.

Or is it time for a new association.....