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After a hard and hot day in the office and a slow commute home on the M6, getting this t-shirt and stickering up the fleet of bikes puts life back into perspective. Quit your moaning and get out on a bike and Ride For Michael


Crunching the Miles - #Ride4MB 100 Mile Challenge Update

Not long till the first part of my #Ride4MB 100 Mile Challenge so I have been trying to get the miles in where I can.

The first event is the 14 mile RACE THE TRAIN trail race. With this in mind I made sure that whilst on a family holiday to Menorca I got some trail miles in before Breakfast ( and before the heat of the day kicked in ).

Not really sure what to expect on this one. I've raced over 12 miles doing the Tough Mudder before and I am pushing my road miles to 14 pretty easily on the road, so it should be a grand day out.

The latest info from the organisers is that the train ride is just over 6.75 miles, and takes 45 minutes so the average speed is 9mph. This excludes any stop at the top of the line etc., which has an impact on average speed

The RTT timing is

42 minutes up
43 minutes down
23 minutes stop at Abergynolwyn

Overall timing is therefore 108 minutes for 13.5 miles giving an average speed of 7.5 mph. If you exclude the stop at Abergynolwyn then average speeds are 9.5mph. The Train will however reach up to 15mph depending on location as obviously it is slower at certain places due to speed restrictions for operating purposes.

What does that mean for the race? Well I'm b*ggered if I know, I'll just turn up and work it out on the day. The only thing I hope is that the weather is bad, as I tend to be faster when the rain is coming down and others are suffering. In a weird way I enjoy it more when the conditions are against you. That said, I'd rather not run in a heatwave. 

The next event after this is the actual #ride4MB sportive in Penrith...watch this space for details on the training ( and awesome bike ) I am putting in for that....