Floating Kayaks

Ok, these shots have been sitting on a memory card for ages. Taken with my old Fuji camera on a nice hot summers day in errrr, 2006? ( told you it was a long time ago ).

Anyway there are some nice shots of the Whitewater course in Nottingham ( Holmepeirpoint ). Featuring the top kayakers and Squirtboaters in the World ( including good old Ben White in his flamey Squirt boat ).

Click here to see them ( or click the image above )

You can lots more of my old kayaking shots here.


Nathan Barley would ride a Fixed Gear Bike

Those nice chaps at Virgin TV have finally put Nathan Barley on demand. It certainly serves as good respite against the rubbish offerings on TV at the moment ( just read Charlie Brooker's blog if you need that confirming ).

There are rumours that there will be a 2nd series, but the problem is most of the population under 25 ( and many who are over ) are now 'Idiots' ( using the Dan Ashcroft definition ).

Needless to say if there was a 2nd series, Nathan Barley would be riding a Fixed Gear Bike ( a Japanese Import with an Original Brooks Leather seat )....

....or would he go techno-retro and ride a Raleigh Vektar?


The verb to Twit?

I've been watching it for a while with interest, but it was a combination of Graham Linehan and Chris Moyles which finally pushed me into setting up a Twitter account.

Not sure what to make of it yet, I know it works better if you have it on some sort of portable device ( otherwise you are always updating the world on something you have done or are planning to do away from your computer ). But hay ho, got to be in it to win it!

You will of course now notice a little Twitter Gadget on the right of the screen and if you feel like following me do a search for 'timsadler' or click here.