Self Proclaimed? Moi?

What can I say? I must have left an impression!?

decluttr aka 'things are better on black'

Been playing around on Flickr a fair bit recently, mainly as I have up'd the processing on a lot of my shots and I am being a little more selective about how I show them ( so many photographer mates now and they are so hard to please! ).

Now Flickr is superb ( only web service I actually pay for ), but it is rubbish for actually showing images. Up until recently I have used BigHugeLabs to show off some images, but the experience was 'clunky'. So I thought I would check out what other people are using and decluttr kept coming up.

Why would you want to show an image on a black background? ( ignoring the science bit about how the eye and brain perceives colour and space )

Compare and Contrast

Using Flickr

Using decluttr

Need I say more?

( Oh if you are struggling to work out how to use decluttr...follow the link...drag the [decluttr] phrase from your browser to your bookmarks....then after going to the Flickr image you want, just click the link in your bookmarks...simples!


San Fran - Avoiding the Cliché Shot

I did have some grand plans about taking some less than cliché images on this trip to San Fran, but a trip across the Golden Gate bridge and into the Marin Headlands put pay to that.

Every shot has a story...given a bit of time and some more caffiene and I may try and explain them a little bit more. But until then, check them out by clicking here or the image below.

( You will notice some less than glorious attempts at self portraits...I have been considering a Flickr 365 project, but don't think I really have the smile for it! )

Cure for Jet Lag ( San Fran style )

After the joys of being delayed by the latest dust cloud some help was needed in combating the jet lag... fortunately I had a couple of hours in San Fran before flying out and Lucky from the Acme Made crew introduced me to the delights of Peets Coffee.So here is my four step jetlag cure 'San Fran' Style!

1. Get some Peets beans ( I went for Major Dickason's Blend, though I hear that the French Roast is pretty awesome too ).

2. Grind it yourself ( don't be lazy now )

3. Brew it in a Cafetière ( this is how the pros do it you know )

4. Get a big mug!

Now to process the rest of my shots from the trip...


Jet lag...

Currently in San Francisco with work..fighting the good old Jet Lag ( ok it is morning here which is afternoon in the UK so it isn't that bad at the moment ). Hit up a blues club last night just to stay awake to the hedonistic hour of 9pm!

Got these shots out of my camera and they pretty much some up what my head was doing...