A Sweet Beginning..

Got some new kit from the mighty Sweet Protection today. Just in time for a proper thrashing at the No Fuss Endurance DH event at Fort William.

Not had too much time to really play with it ( just enough time to snap some pics with my new 50mm lens and a handful of Joby torches ), but this is some seriously good stuff. Think premium, then think better.

Every detail of the Fixer Full Face is as close to humanly perfect as possible. Matching this up with a set of Bearsuit Body Armour and an Outlaw DH Jersey and the mountain better be worried if I do take a spill off the bike.

It's not cheap, but then again this is a new standard, not mass market replicas.

Full review ( with hopefully some action pics ) to follow.

More details including a growing dealer base at www.sweetprotection.com



The biggest toys...

I think I need to re-shoot this with a 1Dx versus an iPhone?