The Y.O.C., yeah you know me?

Many many years ago ( actually more than 20! ), I used to be a member of the YOC, or the 'Young Ornathologists Club'. It was basically the kiddy-winks version of the RSPB and it was just another way of me getting out of the house and into the countryside. As I grew a little older and found the delights of skateboarding and biking I stopped going along and the binoculars ended up somewhere in the loft.
Fast Forward a couple of decades and not only have I found myself working on specific products ranges for birdwatchers but also finding that it is another great excuse to get out of the house with the family. So to get some practice in for the Big Garden Birdwatch next weekend, Immy and I headed over to our local Country Park ( we can walk there from our house ). Not only did everyone want to talk to us as we had telescope to play with ( maybe we can blame Stargazing Live for that? ), but we also found out that the local Ranger is building a Hide for a large area of wetlands off one of the trails.
 Ok, it's not an adrenaline sport, but you know what, it's still pretty awesome ( though call me a 'Birder', 'Twitcher' or 'Spotter' and I'll shove this telescope somewhere that birds don't nest...).


One Cup

I do need to cut down on how many re-fills I have....

Trail Jabber

I wonder if my famous English Teacher would be proud hearing me talk like this? ( and yes he really was my English Teacher and one day I might tell you about the time I let him be God as I just couldn't be doing with it. )




Half way through January already and I haven't really quite started the year yet. My excuse is there has been a lot going on with Vicky storming ahead with her awesome new venture , lot of stuff going on at work and of course a couple of cheeky girls to deal with. So maybe it is time for one of those list things that others seem to be so successful with?

So what goes on it....

1. Sort out the 365 - Yep I need to actually make sure that I did indeed finish last years 365 project. I might even print out a little photo book to keep in a draw somewhere. Either way I actually need to make sure there are 365 images in the Flickr Folder.

2. Re-build the blog - Vicky has also been playing with this Social Media malarkey and is starting to put me to shame with her blog . To be fair, I did build this Vic-Tim site on the original Blogger format and pretty much the whole thing is hand coded ( you couldn't have extra pages back then so I had to build in multiple 'mirror' sites...bet you never noticed did you? ).

3. Leave the Audi Club - Yes the time has come for the kick-ass A4, which has driven the Sadler clan over 100k miles, to be moved on in favour of....don't laugh now.... a Skoda. Blame a company car policy which supports green cars and of course Jeremy Clarkson.

4. Run a Marathon of Sorts - I am not a runner by any means, but I do find myself wanting to enter a silly event this year. So who is up for booking onto Hellrunner?

5. Sort out 2012 Steed - Not quite sure how I am going to do it yet, but I reckon I need to get my kit ( and ass ) onto an Alpine 160 as soon as possible.

6. Cook More - Got Hugh's latest offering for Chrimbo and so far it has proved a winner. I just need to turn the occasional Tim-Made Meal© into a regular thing.

7. Book some Mountain and Beach Time - We may be in times of austerity ( did anyone actually use that word before 2010? ), but that doesn't mean we should get playtime. After all both Immy and Eva need to see more of the world and less of the (concrete) jungle.

8. Fix the Garden - Easy to forget with everything else going on, but Spring is the time to clean up and drop in some stuff to grow. Also need to make sure that the lawn which I planted last year has actually survived.

9. Catch up with Friends - I don't want to learn about what my friends have been up to on Facebook, I want to hear it from them over a nice cup of tea and some homemade biscuits. Old Fashioned is good sometimes.

10. Blog more or blog less...?


Tablet Time

It's taken at least four times as long to write this as suprise suprise this Blackberry Playbook is still no replacement for a good laptop.

Do I even attempt to add an image?