#RIDE4MB 100 Mile Challenge - LOGO

With thanks to the awesome Aaron Tolley Design I have a kick ass logo for the Challenge:

Now I just have to get some clothing sorted...


#RIDE4MB 100 Mile Challenge - The Beginning

Many of you who follow me on here or on Facebook and elsewhere will be aware of my passion for Mountain Biking. One of the key people who has stoked that fire in recent years has been Michael Bonney of Orange Mountain Bikes.

I forget how we first made contact, it's not really important, but I do know that we got talking about the famous Endurance DH event at Fort William very early on. An abridged version of the conversation went like this:

Michael "Have you heard about the Endurance DH event at Fort William?"

Me "Yeah, it's in a few weeks time, I'd like to do it one day"

Michael "Do it this year"

Me "I don't have a bike"

Michael "Ride one of ours"

Me "Errrrr ok!"

This is what Michael does, he gets people riding bikes. He is the spark that ignites people around the world to get out there and do something.

In March this year, Michael was out riding and crashed badly resulting in a C3 spinal cord injury. The result is that Michael is now tetraplegic - paralysed from the neck down, requiring a ventilator to breathe.

I've not know him for long, but I can tell you that Michael is a Tough Northern B'stard in the truest sense. He will not be beaten by this but he will need some ongoing support.

It is with this that I present a 100 mile challenge I am doing this summer.
NB: I should add that I haven't run in an off-road event before ( Tough Mudder doesn't count ), I've never ridden a road bike and I haven't run a marathon before....so it really is a set of firsts!

For the long-term, the process of setting up the Michael Bonney Trust Fund and charitable projects are in progress. Sadly until they are firmly in place, well known services like justgiving.com are not an option for reasons out of the control of Michael's support team.

Therefore to raise funds ( and get your hard earned CASH ), I am asking you to support the Ride for Michael - Stage 1 Campaign.

All you need to do is hit the 'Contribute Now' button ( or you could buy some merchandise to help spread the word! )

Granted doing it this way will make it hard for me to track what I raise, but this isn't about an individual target or about a personal ego massage. This is about raising funds to support one of our own.

This is also an open invite to all of you to join me at any of these events and to do your own for #RIDE4MB

This is just the beginning.... please keep checking back for updates.