Bored of the Base 02 font yet?

Am I the only person who has noticed that every rubbish designer, both online and in print is using Base02 ( or a variant of the same font ) on everything at the moment?

Come on people, there are lots of fonts out there for free ( Dafont is my favourite resource ).

Do I need to set up a 'Ban Base02' site in the same vein as Bancomicsans?

And yes, I have used it on one of my youtube movies, but that was ages ago before everyone else started using it...honest!

Here endeth the lesson.


Market Research

It's the little things that make me chuckle.... :-)


Bowser and his Off-Road Vehicle...

Yep, we finally got around to actually buying a game for our Wii ( been a bit busy of late you see ). After doing rather well at Guitar Hero round my mate Big Tim's flat, I was very tempted in buying that. Then the Wii Fit came out and that looked like a good giggle ( if not a bit sensible ). Then of course there is the Big Brain Academy ( I don't think Brain Training is available on the Wii? ).

None of these stand a chance when sat next to the new Mario Kart game. Costing a lost less than Guitar Hero and Wii Fit, you get one controller with the game and another is only £5. Wack the disc in and I am transported back to all-night sessions at Uni on a battered N64. There is even the classic Rainbow Road track ( which I still can't do ).

Not had too much time on it yet, but already I am back to using Bowser ( he was my favourite on the N64 version as well, but did you know in Japan he is known as King Koopa?), but this time he has an off-road vehicle ( as well as the bikes which are a new feature on the Wii version ).

Just need to unlock all the tracks and secret characters now....( not having third-life crisis..honest! )