Talent borrows....

....sometimes I feel like Steve Roco...
.....genius steals.


Lomo Pictures - First Attempt

Got back the films which have been plonked and clicked through the Lomo Camera this summer.

Some nice results and definately impressed with the colours you can get from such a retro bit of kit. Looks like i'll be needing to find some more 35mm 100ASA film, ideas anyone?

Click the above image to see the pics or click here


Victim 'Thing'

Remember the cheeky Japanese brand 'Victim' who seem to create some very cool collaboration projects? Well they are at it again with this 'Thing'.

Can you work out what it is?


Well it is a 'Leather Wallet Cord'! ( of course it is! )

More cool Victim collab stuff on the Japanese Unbar Site