iPod Shuffle ( Mk.2 ) - do you need anything more?

It has taken me a long time to become a member of the iPod generation. This has mainly been due to me not really needing one, after all I drive to work ( enjoying Chris Moyles and turning to Xfm when that plonker Scott Mills is on ) and I don't really spend that much time in a situation where I need to listen to thousands of MP3s ( or Apple AACs! ).

This said I did make the upgrade to a Sony Ericsson W800i 'Walkman Phone' last year and I have been using it in the gym ( though it is a little bulky ). But still it isn't an iPod and never will be.

Then it happened....those design monkeys at Apple came up with the Mk.2 Shuffle. An iPod which I could actually use at the gym, on my mountain bike or anywhere else. Relatively cheap, stupidly light, easy to use and small as anything.

Being sensible I bought one for Vicky from Apple for Christmas...and she bought me one too! ( both using the free engraving option of course ).

I managed to get 187 songs on mine, including the new Tenacious D album, the classic 2006 Wolfmother Album and of course the School of Rock Soundtrack ( am I too cliche these days? ).

Team it up with a Crumpler PP40 case ( which can also hold the USB docking station ) and it never leaves me.

Thank you Apple and thank you Vicky!

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