The Campbell Collett Wedding

Just back from deepest darkest Wales ( well Ruithin and Llangollen to be honest and they are not really deep or dark ) full of happy happy joy joy after the awesome wedding of the young Mr Robert Campbell to the beautiful Miss Alison Collett. Bob and Ally chose a perfect little Welsh church just outside Ruithin for the ceremony and the reception at Trevor Villa ( near Llangollen ) matched in perfectness(?).

My Top five of the wedding:

1. Great hotel overlooking the Dee- The White Waters in Llangollen.

2. Tasty food - Proper BBQ by the famous PJ.

3. Thumping base - The Cheese dropped a the phat ones on the decks all night long.

4. The Guard of honour - Ben and I were chuffed at being the chosen.

5. The Perfect couple - Smiles all round and you can't beat that.

They are off to Sardinia for a few days now and then off to Thailand later in the year ( taking some of the Wormfood surf wax they had as favours ). There is something about having 2 honeymoons which makes sense!

Click the image above for some pics or click here

Oh and it is our 6 month anniversary today too...wahey!!

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