Ingleton Waterfalls Walk and White Scar Caves

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Easter was really early this year...really early. Looking at the weather charts the original plan of going up to the Lakes was dropped ( good move as people were rescued off Scafell in Blizzards ), so we took Mother-in-Law Sadler up for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

Having already done our homework we headed up to Ingleton to do the famous Waterfall route. It was cracking! A good couple of hours out, 2 blizzards, lots of waterfalls and some lovely Lemon Drizzle cake ( courtesy of Vicky's fair hand ).

We followed it up with a walk down the longest show cave in the UK...White Scar Caves. A constant 8 degrees and plenty of weird and wonderful underground stuff. Not a trip for fat Americans or the clostrophobic!

If that wasn't enough we popped into Kirkby Lonsdale for a wander and then ate at the awesome 'Highwayman' Inn... Definately a place we will be returning to.

Easter Sunday morning came around with a blanket of snow, so it was off down the M6 to Stapley Water Gardens. Not a bad place for a bad weather trip, but it is no Chester Zoo or South African Nature Reserve ( and the actual gardens are pants ).

Off to stay in a Tipi next weekend for the Wedding Anniversary...can't wait!

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