Sadler's Ales

Look what Vicky found...

Monthly Special Brews

...It seems that the good old family name is associated with a brewing tradition in the Midlands.

Permanent Brews

The story goes that it all started in 1900 when a Thomas Alexander Sadler opened the first brewery to supply the 12 pubs run by the Sadler family at that time ( 12!? ). Not sure what happened as it would seem that his venture was only open for 27 years. Fortunately 77 years later ( in 2004 ) the Sadler family re-opened the pub it was originally associated with and brewing started once again.

I'm looking forward to tracking down some 'Worcester Sorcerer'. Described as a "light golden bitter, light and refreshing, yet smooth and fruity with hints of mint and lemon. A floral aroma and crisp bitterness combining to give a balanced and clean tasting ale."

Original bottle labels

I'll be placing an order and reporting back, I just hope it stacks up against the family favourite Black Sheep Ale !

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NB: As far as I know we are not related....

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