What happened to November?

Blooming eck, it is December, it is dark way too early, every other advert seems to be for a TV or a Sofa ( as well as the obligatory Coke advert ) the Christmas market in Manchester is in full swing and there has been snow all around the country ( but none here! ). Strangely not really heard any Chrimbo songs yet though ( thank goodness, apart from singing Fairytale of New York in the locak Irish bar where I grew up I have no time for the yearly pain that is Wizard! )

As regulars will note November has been taken up by the arrival of a certain Imogen Layla...so here is the obligatory montage of images ( funked up in photoshop )...

... and I'll take it as good Karma that I actually ran into GOD, otherwise known as Eric Clapton at Keele service station on the M6 the other day. ( see here for the story behind the song 'Layla' ).

Keeping me sane at the moment are the musings of these two chaps...

The bloke on the left is Graham Linehan, who is the writer behind Father Ted, Black Books and my current favourite 'sit-com' the IT Crowd. After seeing him on Charlie Brookers Screenwipe ( yes he is the guy on the right ), I have now tuned into his blog 'Why, That's Delightful!'

Charlie Brooker is of course the Guardian writer ( and the bloke behind 'Dead Set'....anyone who can make Davina McCall into a Zombie should be called 'sir' ). He doesn't have a blog of his own as his soul is owned by the newspaper ( and now BBC4 ). Still worth reading his rants though. Never a truer word said in rant?

Now where is my Gluwien...

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