Blue Sky Thinking

Looks like the carnage at the airports is coming to an end with flights back on schedule, but whilst the planes were grounded instead of watching endless news reports of Brits stuck abroad, I was stuck looking at the most amazing blue skies I have ever seen.

I live near Manchester Airport, so I am so used to seeing the sky full of white trails, it was simply surreal seeing none in the sky. There will be very few occasions in a lifetime when you will experience it, ( last time would have been post 9/11 )..and I miss the clean skies already.

Anyway, on a side trip into Manchester to catch up with an old mate and his missus, I pointed the camera up at the sky and snapped away.

Click the image for the rather simple results...

I also set up a competition via my work Twitter feed @LoweproUK with some very skilled photographers taking pics and uploading them to Flickr. Check out the entries here.

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