decluttr aka 'things are better on black'

Been playing around on Flickr a fair bit recently, mainly as I have up'd the processing on a lot of my shots and I am being a little more selective about how I show them ( so many photographer mates now and they are so hard to please! ).

Now Flickr is superb ( only web service I actually pay for ), but it is rubbish for actually showing images. Up until recently I have used BigHugeLabs to show off some images, but the experience was 'clunky'. So I thought I would check out what other people are using and decluttr kept coming up.

Why would you want to show an image on a black background? ( ignoring the science bit about how the eye and brain perceives colour and space )

Compare and Contrast

Using Flickr

Using decluttr

Need I say more?

( Oh if you are struggling to work out how to use decluttr...follow the link...drag the [decluttr] phrase from your browser to your bookmarks....then after going to the Flickr image you want, just click the link in your bookmarks...simples!

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