Endurance DH at Fort Bill - the lo-fi review.

The Orange 224 Evo - my toy for the weekend
10 days after the event and I can still remember pretty much every rock on the Fort William World Cup Downhill track, after all I did get 6 hours to get to know it personally.

It's their fault...
So, the short story is that after a phone call from one of the main men at Orange Bikes I ran out of excuses and found myself driving up to Fort William ( with one of the other main men from Orange as co-pilot ) to compete in the World famous No-Fuss events Endurance DH Mountain Bike Race.

Here is the rest of story in Polaroids:

Yes, I burnt the porridge...( an omen? )
Trusty little tent hidden in the woods next to the trail.
One of these was going to be mine ( yes like a sweet shop )
The Orange Factory Team ( David and Vaughan )
( Dave won the in-house comp on an Orange 5, the crazy fool )
Stu from MTBcut was on hand for filming duties.
The pits were set up with spare wheels a plenty
The course is world famous, but it was still my first time on it.
Yes it rained.
Yes it was muddy.
Yes I hurt my handYes it was the an amazing course and stupid amounts of fun.
Yes, I do want to do it all again ( after doing 10 laps in 6 hours )
In conclusion:

If you don't race mountain bikes - this race is for you.
If you do race mountain bikes - this race is for you.
If you just want to do one race for the hell of it - this race is for you.
If you want to have a bloody good laugh - this race is for you.

Check out the Orange Bikes report here

Check out more events by the team at No Fuss ( including the MacAvalanche!? ) here

Check out the MTBcut video here ( pay close attention to 1:05 as well as the load screen )

Additional Photos courtesy John Chennels at Orange Bikes.

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