I need a new helmet...

Randomly the pics of my trusty Giro Remedy are some of my most popular on my Flickr photostream ( if you are interested the shots are here ), but the lid itself is showing some serious signs of needing replacement. I've tried on various occasions to smarten it up with some serious sticker usage, but not really been happy with it.

Now being an archetypal nerd I have always wanted a kick ass Star Wars helmet...which is why I am really rather interested in this lid.. ( via highsnobiety

Ok, it does look like it is a sprogs helmet ( annoyingly it looks like the whole mash-up is all kids stuff ), but it is the way forward.

So come on Giro, make me a Remedy like this please...
 Or shall I give an old kayaking contact a call...... ( yes Mr Ainsworth made the original )