No Smiling Tim Sadler .....

Ok, that is a proper weak blog title, but I am in a little Google battle to get back to the top of the search results ( yes I know it's sad, but it keeps me happy ok! ).

10 years ago I was heading out to the US to work for the first time and I needed a new Passport quick. Given that I was living in Runcorn at the time, the nearest office who could sort one same day was in Liverpool. Throw in early digital camera processing and that is how I ended up looking like a Vietnamese POW.

Back to the present day and I need to renew it ( not just for work, but also so that Eva can get her first one ). Not so rushed I got some pics done at a local shop.

Still look like a POW....

Tim Sadler
Wanted: Tim Sadler - Marketing Guru.

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