I have never...

.....fitted a mudguard.

Ok, back in the day I might have fitted one of the original Crud Catchers ( who didn't? ) but certainly since owning grown up Mountain Bikes, I've chosen to keep my bike free of such madness.

That is until I got the Ariel 143. It's such a good looking girl that it deserves a little bit of protection doesn't it?

So yesterday before 24km of greasy fun around Cannock Chase ( Style Cop - Follow the Dog - Monkey Trail ), I fitted a Muckynutz Bender Fender to the Fox 32's.

To quote their text; "...the mudguard is installed so close to the 'knobbly bits' means it can be small and discrete, which is a big plus for those that don't like using them, and as it is less than 1mm thick it adds negligible weight to your bike."

Naturally I got a white one ( got to keep the Factory look going ) and you know what? I'm only a flippin' convert!

Bender Fender on Ariel 143 - Tim Sadler
The question is will I ever take if off?

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