The Best Beer Bottle? - Lucky Beer Company

Whilst Christmasing ( is that a word? ) up in the Lake District, Vicky's Brother Stephen bought out a rather impressive case of Lucky Beer from Oz.

Brewed by a mate of his down there this is possibly one of the most exclusive beers you can buy anywhere in the world. Only served in a few select bars and not yet available in the UK, the bottle is probably the most impressive bit of glasswork you are likely to drink out of in any bar ( I do wonder if they actually let you take them home? ).

As for the drinking it is pretty unique. A very dry nutty taste but without the harsh aftertaste you get with other Asian beers. Perfect with a curry, chinese or any spicy food.

If it does find its way to the UK it will be pricey, but each case has unique artwork and it would make a perfect pressie. I want some more!

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