Making stuff move - .gif animations

Been trying to get my head around .gif animations for a while. Yes I know they are a little old skool, but without the use of Flash on my work computer they are the next best thing ( and they still work on the work website ).

This was my first attempt for a Dainton Competition:

Not bad, but I feel like a cheat using Stencil font and a cheesy pink stroke ( maybe I should learn something new? )

Then I started playing with a few more Photoshop features and managed to end up with this one for the A4 Outlet Store:

With a bit more work ( and linking in to the 2007 Ad campaign ) I managed to use some cheeky Photoshop skills and created this one for an Emerica Reynolds competition:

For the Photoshop nerds it is made up of 30 layers ( including the background which has the frame on it ) and uses the 'Twirl' filter at increments of around 20 each time. With a bit of playing around it is down to 89k which is just about acceptable these days ( anything less and the shoe image starts loosing resolution ).

Hoping to get Flash in the new year....watch this space for more animations!

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